A story of flowers By Simone Pullar-Wells: at 16 years of age










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" I was at work, it was a busy day, and my manager (who I will not name, nor my work for privacy reasons) had been having a hard time, because I had got off to a slow start, and she had done a lot of the work I was meant to. She was really stressed and I was feeling bad about it. The day progressed, and apart from having a very large order, my manager also had thoughts of trainees, and the lack of materials we need on her mind. One of our staff messed up an order, and the woman came back to complain, she asked to see the manager. Despite my manager's polite attempts to compensate the mix-up, the woman became very angry and started yelling at her. A little while later, after the woman had driven off, the young woman who had asked for the large order came, we all started preparing the order when another woman came, complaining about the wait. I apologized, told her the manager was busy (being yelled at by the woman who came back to yell at her some more, along with threats), and would be with her soon, and, as I was off duty, I went to go, in which case the other woman went around and joined in the chorus of yelling. I felt so sorry for my manager, that I went home feeling pitiful and sad. My dad (Peter Pullar) showed up and I told him the story, he listened and asked me, "Do you want to get her a flower?". I brightened up at the idea, but was afraid of looking stupid, as I barely know my manager, but I agreed, and we went down to the florist, and as they do not (as we were told) sell sunflowers (happy flowers) singly, Dad paid for a whole bunch of happy sunflowers. Dad and I walked to my work, and I gave them to my colleague to give to my manager, and they were presented to her with a smile. I was given the best return for Dad's $8.50(and 80c for the little chocolate frog sticky-taped to the flowers which I told Dad I'd pay him back for when we got home). I got the most genuine "Thank you" that just brightened up my day, and I still can't stop smiling. So if you feel after reading this that you would like to make a difference to someone's life in the same, or a similar way, don't hesitate or let social barriers stop you, it's well worth it."


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